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BEGINS MAY 2nd 2022


You know you are ready to break away from the food rules you've felt stuck in....

You desire to gain a knowledge base of nutrition that will allow you to navigate your food choices effortlessly...



You are ready to bring in habits and behaviors that serve your growth... and ditch the old story lines that have held you back...



You are ready for a flexible lifestyle that makes staying consistent easy!

Nourish & Transform will guide you through....


  • How to set motivating & achievable goals

  • How to build meals that make you feel satisfied & excited to eat

  • How to recognize where you have self sabotaged your efforts in the past and move past them

  • How to become the most confident, purposeful & bad ass version of yourself

"Macros work!!! Louder for the people in back! They work. It’s an easy way to focus on getting your body the fuel it needs and noticing what and when you have to adjust."  - Nicole W

"I was frustrated and angry before, now I am understanding a bit more about planning ahead and how important it is not to over eat or “binge” on chocolate or chips. It’s much more satisfying to know that I treated my body well with good food and plan for a treat when I know I want it. I always plan for drinks on Friday or take out!" - Chloe W.

This is for you if....

  • You feel like you are constantly starting and quitting new diets

  • Feel as though you have developed tons of rules around "good" and "bad" foods

  • Feel stuck in a binge and restrict cycle

  • ​You feel like you are constantly gaining and losing the same X amount of pounds

  • You don't like the way you look in your clothes

  • Have been interested in learning about macros, but are not sure where to start

  • Love the accountability and support of a group

"Yes, I would recommend this program. I would say that macro-counting is a great way to visualize your food intake and helps you really appreciate what is inside certain foods. It also FREES you from thinking that certain foods are "off limits" if you are trying to lose weight. Also, Emily is so sweet, helpful, and leads by example. AND the food recommendations are ON POINT! I bought a whole basket full of goodies from Oryana West yesterday solely from your IG stories and other macro-friendly suggestions :) (I can't WAIT to try a Silver Farms Bagel!)" - Mallory K

"Yes, I'd definitely recommend working with Emily. She provided a plan that was easier than I expected to follow and I was still able to incorporate things I love in the diet along the way and lose weight!" - Laura H

What you get...

8 trainings, one per week, in a private Facebook group

A custom macro count

My Fitness Pal training

In-Person grocery store tour

40+ pages of PDF training material

Recipe guides

Mindset work
VIP Option:
- Early access to Emily for an even deeper dive into your custom macros. I will have you track for one week so I can see how much you are eating now and if you are metabolically healthy for a deficit. We will either strategically lower or RAISE your goal calories depending on if we can go right into a fat loss phase or first focus on a reverse diet to strengthen your metabolism. 
- Once you sing up, you get immediate access to Emily on the Voxer app (private messaging) and will have that access until the program wraps
- This is good for the woman who needs more support and accountability. Whether you feel like you are starting from scratch, have specific dietary needs or are looking for a higher touch, luxury option - VIP is for you!

"I am always amazed at how much food I can eat. I loved learning about the cutting, reverse dieting, and maintenance. It was a huge eye opener for me. I feel like I am more knowledgeable and in control of my journey. I loved how you talked about the why and how so we can take control from this point." - Jen S

Are you feeling the pull?

The desire to dive into something new?


Something that could truly change the trajectory of how you have dieted and viewed food in the past?

Join Us. We Start May


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